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Neuropathy Treatment Center
According to recent research, laser therapy has been found to be 90% effective at treating the common symptoms of neuropathy.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is commonly referred to as a disease of the peripheral nerves, which may cause symptoms like weakness, pain, numbness, tingling and more. People who may be at risk of developing this condition are those with autoimmune disorders, diabetes, individuals going through chemotherapy, and senior citizens among others. Nationwide, it’s estimated that over 42.5 million Americans suffer from the disease every day.

Common Symptoms:

Sharp Pain
Lack of Coordination
Burning & Tingling
Loss of Feeling
Extreme Sensitivity to Touch


Common Risk Factors:

Autoimmune Diseases
Back, Leg and Hip Problems
Exposure to Toxins
Liver Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Spine Surgery
Traumas (motor vehicle, falls, sports injuries, etc.)

Natural Relief with Lasers

We’re thrilled to bring patients a non-invasive, pain-free option for treating and managing Neuropathy symptoms with Class IV Laser Therapy. Laser therapy works by increasing circulation in your problem area, which in return brings more water, oxygen and other important nutrients to the affected area. When this happens, healing can begin as swelling, inflammation, stiffness and muscle spasms are reduced.


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